Ronin 77

I make beats as a hobby. Produce tracks as a craft. He who plans like a villain will get the last laugh. I want it in cash, got the bag with the dollar sign. Pay the fine. Or hold the rhyme. And shit on yourself. Ya skills stink. Quit hitting yourself. Not enough ink in the pen so stop kidding yourself.

— Ronin 77

Ninja Storm

Ninja Storm

One warrior approached but he was not walking alone. He had many assassins with him but they were no where to be shown. As his enemies mocked him and claimed he was cattle. Shurikens, katanas and scythes awaited in the shadows. Their Grand-master stepped forward and said “we accept your challenge”. The warrior simply replied “Fool! you have yet to see my talent!

Step up and watch your team get touched
stars in your chest and ya neck just get cut
electric spear chained pierced through ya gut
poetic rhyme scheme, triggered the trap now ya stuck
Ninja storm, feelin fury from the full clan
within the thought span
it takes to make ya next move
a swift cut katana blade just removed ya jewels
we stay killin’ fools
and spray red making crimson swimming pools
feel an electric shock from a god hard like a rock
shatter threw ya scissor kick and send an earthquake through the block
storm watch these blows and your chest get boxed
death grip disabling all the guns they cocked.
a true warrior is always and forever loaded
assassinate your grand master there goes his body floating
even when the odds are against we always managed
smoke bomb hit the ground and it was like ninja vanish!

Jade God Rhymes

Brotha what’s ya style? I don’t care what clan you claim! Get chopped and rocked like karate blocks. Watch your team get slain
Ya heart pulsin, takes only a minute til you feel the pain
God hands, live up to the name. Leave your temple stained
Army of ninjas don’t mean shit to a grand master killer
Pressure points leave your eyes popped out like Michael Jackson thriller
Kick, kick, snare combo leave you stripped of air pronto
Hi hats hackin off your scalp, bald look tomorrow
And your back-up, just started backing up. You’re so quick to follow
Bet you lost your head for a minute. Swish. Sleepy Hollow
I strike hard and ask questions never, so don’t step to me
Keep sending your boys to fight a God, these blades will perform a vasectomy
Dont puff up your chest to me, your style is nothing but a mess to me
Run into these swords, snikt! now you’ve gotta mess to clean
Send him back. How you gonna fail at mayhem and malice?
You not ready for the deadly arts we practice in ‘The Palace’